Shirt Stays, also referred to as Shirttail Garters, are a simple menswear accessory with origins dating back to the late 1800’s. By the 1920’s they were a fixture in every well dressed man’s wardrobe, as they still are today. Every man has had to wear a tucked-in shirt at some point in his life.That shirt has also come unexpectedly untucked, leaving the shirt looking ill fitting, sloppy, wrinkly, and unkempt, and leaving the wearer feeling the same. Whether you wear a shirt tucked in once in a blue, every so often, or daily, there is now no reason to compromise with this “untuckedness.” Our Shirt Stays are comfortable, functional, and come in the 3 major styles that work best. Choose whichever version you are most comfortable with. This improved product is simple to use and guaranteed to keep shirts tucked in